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mahabub zakaria135
mahabub zakaria135 13 órája
Hamilton should do do nuts in all practice sessions, qualify session and main race after winning.... He deserves it....
Perdana Digital Printing
What the heck is happend, i cant play the video
Brian Anshen
Brian Anshen 13 órája
How did they get Roy Nissany into Bahrain? Jews/Israelis aren’t allowed into the country.
Aspen 13 órája
Musics a bit loud....
Ilman Vlogs
Ilman Vlogs 13 órája
Kiemenkevin Gaming
Kiemenkevin Gaming 13 órája
Human rights do not matter says our friendly tyrann MbS
G7 C6
G7 C6 13 órája
Spies of 2021: i don’t know. Camera or something flashing underneath the car! The Ferrari Team: he won’t be driving us till after 2024
Oli Matthews
Oli Matthews 13 órája
The music on this highlights is pog
RICHMONDUSA - 13 órája
What was the music that they used?
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 13 órája
Lets gooooo Albon matching Max again
Dilnaam Singh
Dilnaam Singh 13 órája
the music was annoying and constantly louder then Will
Derrick Best
Derrick Best 13 órája
I'm saying it now. Gasly for a podium finish Sunday.
Luke Mead
Luke Mead 13 órája
I can't hear the music, some guy keeps talking over it
Dignited 13 órája
Bottas never lead the session, everytime he set a time Hamilton had beaten it immediately.
Mikołaj Formella
Mikołaj Formella 13 órája
Ocon: slammed to times from Perez F1: Yeah let's show Manor moment
Sann Films
Sann Films 13 órája
nice music!
Daz555Daz 13 órája
Woah - Hamilton fastest in FP1. 100% win for Bottas confirmed?
Sadiq Kadhem
Sadiq Kadhem 13 órája
What Gasly did to Redbull by winning in Monza is pretty much what Perez is doing with Racing Point at the moment
Rommel Leonardo Ninahualpa
Absolutely beautiful photoshoot on this video.....F1 art!
Anthos Lykos
Anthos Lykos 13 órája
Those new tires are *MEATY*
Ulka Zil
Ulka Zil 13 órája
I'm happy williams gives the seat to nissan very happy to see an isrelian driver in an international "sport"
TheConfidentNoob 13 órája
Is it just me or does Gasly sound like Raikkonen on his team radio?😂
Augustoll 13 órája
Albon very close from Verstappen .
Jeremiah knoop
Jeremiah knoop 13 órája
The new tires look... diffrent
watman 13 órája
How cool would it have been if Valterri went full "I'm team Rosberg here" on Lewis in 2016.
Paul-Kristian Hamburg
FP1: Hamilton first, Bottas second Is Hamilton gonna do Bottas?
ViZu Restart
ViZu Restart 13 órája
Thanks for providing highlights but how doess Perez finish p3 and is not even in the video. Also would’ve liked to see Kubica but whatever then.
Jeshua Lorenzo
Jeshua Lorenzo 13 órája
I hope ferrari have 2 and 3 position on race
Harsh Harsh
Harsh Harsh 13 órája
Oh man give Perez a seat
Zoltán László
Zoltán László 13 órája
A kedvenc versenyzom aki mindegyik csapatával nyert mint Fangio
The name is Wolfff
The name is Wolfff 13 órája
"Israel Start Up country" is a really brave sponsor if you consider where they're driving this weekend.
Peeetrsn CZ
Peeetrsn CZ 13 órája
Gasly ahead of both RB's and on harder tyre. This is going to be interesting:)
AZ 13
AZ 13 13 órája
@skadoosh kid this joke hasn't been funny for weeks now. Grow up
skadoosh kid
skadoosh kid 13 órája
more if he qualifies ahead of the Albon and races him hard again.
Bartek Baldyga
Bartek Baldyga 13 órája
Vivekananda. Madanmohan
Fast and Furious : Bahrain, we know who wins.
Evanburt27 13 órája
Wow look at the different in Kubica and giovannazi. Antonio is a great driver and great personality but the time difference can’t be justified
Ajesh D'souza
Ajesh D'souza 13 órája
When are Grosjeans' spin's not dramatic?!
CarnageGame is the beast
name of song pls?
joe mama
joe mama 13 órája
Why do some of the tires not have tire lettering
Augustoll 13 órája
When will Kubica understand that his F1 career ended after the accident that completely compromised his arm?
xolitia 13 órája
“charl clerc”
Augustoll 13 órája
Quando o Kubica vai entender que sua carreira na F1 acabou depois do acidente que comprometeu completamente o seu braço ?
TikerFighter 13 órája
looks like it will be a boring race not worth to watch
Nathan Hawii
Nathan Hawii 13 órája
latifi found someone he can be ahead of
Dean-Charles B.
Dean-Charles B. 13 órája
The background music is too loud, the editor should be fired
BiTcH PleAsE
BiTcH PleAsE 13 órája
Who thought it was a brilliant idea to play background music this loud? 😡
bktfrank 13 órája
0:12 didnt the teams get to try the 2021 tires during the portuguese GP, so its not "the first taste"?
Nishant Nagpal
Nishant Nagpal 13 órája
At the Portuguese GP, it was the prototype tire, the ones which they ran today are the confirmed specs that'll be used for 2021
Vasco Martins
Vasco Martins 13 órája
Any kind of race where Grosjean doesn't go out of the track isn't a race
Luke Parsons
Luke Parsons 13 órája
Ham Bot Ver incoming
Mobeleash 13 órája
Hi Lewis, we hope you are well. Huge congratulations on your 2020 F1 World Championship. So many great memories from a great champion on and off the track. Have you heard of MOBELEASH? It is a "virtual-leash" App that will notify you on your Apple Watch WHEN you are leaving your iPhone behind ... so you can go get it! Thank you, Lewis. From MOBELEASH Support.
LairdCake 13 órája
That's some terrible music you got there, Will.
Bro BEY 13 órája
Turkey is the best
Acap 13 órája
f1 2021 car will be using that new design or still same as this one?
Aman Raj
Aman Raj 13 órája
This new background music is so satisfying .... Love It
stayleir marroquim
stayleir marroquim 13 órája
Yeah but it’s too loud
Saravana Kumar
Saravana Kumar 13 órája
Since Sbinotto is not here I am predicting a Ferrari 1-2
Matteo Jost
Matteo Jost 13 órája
oh man DAS system way to OP
Jakub Szramowski
Jakub Szramowski 13 órája
Kubicaaa ;D
fullcarton 13 órája
Kubica is my hero!
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade 13 órája
Latifi's experience is already showing, beating Nissany on the harder compound by 3 tenths
BA2 Bricks
BA2 Bricks 13 órája
0:43 s🅱️ialla
F1 BlackRoses Coming
Only Minorities get Lawrence fashion go head my Indian brotha Sneakers are Fire playa....
Alfino Fristyananda
@0:28 well if anyone wondering why ferraris are so slow, it is on reverse gear all the time....
victor 91
victor 91 14 órája
Hamilton is top in FP1.... what does that mean? Put in your best boys and girls
Transcender 14 órája
I do kinda which that the music was softer bc it is harder to hear him talking
Erwin de Roo
Erwin de Roo 14 órája
Lewis might be the GOAT in F1 racing. Kimi will always be the GOAT of interviews.
David Price
David Price 14 órája
At least Latifi isn't last
Kuba. 14 órája
Kubica super pojechał.
Mert Ronael
Mert Ronael 14 órája
Seems like they hired the old Top Gear audio engineer for this video.
G7 C6
G7 C6 13 órája
Gdzieś Wyżej
Gdzieś Wyżej 14 órája
I want to see Kubica in full race in Alfa
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 14 órája
1 sesja treningowa
mkaali 14 órája
Nobody: 2021 tyres: S🅱️innala
WholeWizard 14 órája
ferrari still up to sus stuff
Ryan Shaikh
Ryan Shaikh 14 órája
0:53 The barriers haven't loaded yet.
Pandu Astama
Pandu Astama 14 órája
Am I the only one who waiting SAM COLLINS?
Slikkamundo 14 órája
The beats were the best part of these highlights 😄
Owen Reaney
Owen Reaney 14 órája
Niklas SW
Niklas SW 14 órája
Kubica in f1 fp1 everybody liked that
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake 14 órája
Lets hope Leclerc gets back a podium here!!!