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Lucas Malheiro
Lucas Malheiro 10 órája
Interlagos is the best track out there..
Rory MacDonald
Rory MacDonald 10 órája
Una puñalada dolía menos que el radio de Jules
Rayner13 Mandi92
Rayner13 Mandi92 10 órája
It must be a penalty for lewis..
thatdumbgoblin 10 órája
Everyone when their car is touched: "You're gonna scratch the car!'' Vettel when his car is touched: "You're gonna scratch the floor!"
Diego Anselmi Muniz
Argentina 1974 Carlos Reutemann Hungary 1997 Damon Hill
Banjo Fernandez
Banjo Fernandez 10 órája
Badass hombre. 😎
Schecter EvilTwin
Schecter EvilTwin 11 órája
What do you mean first black driver, he's biracial, he's just as much white as he is black, micheal Jordan's black, no? Is that not factually accurate?
Lyam Shah
Lyam Shah 11 órája
Speed of that illegal engine!
Aristo Aum
Aristo Aum 11 órája
one of another beautiful weekend for Vettel and Ferrari ,I really miss this moment so far.
Joaquin Manciana
Joaquin Manciana 11 órája
2:02 ig de la minita
Darklinkx8 11 órája
They can't be human I refuse to believe it
Rafael Cárdenas
Rafael Cárdenas 11 órája
I read "All the Angels" jjjajajaa!! OK, nice video, first time I don't blame Magnussen...
HockeyBlitz 303
HockeyBlitz 303 11 órája
I can't imagine the BS Ricciardo makes up😂. I could never picture him as an engineer
Adam 11 órája
We need a new episode
Andrej Two
Andrej Two 11 órája
Niki would be proud
호준 11 órája
키미는 ㄹㅇ 다있네
James McLeod
James McLeod 11 órája
0:39 Aim for the paint.. Maximum grip 👍
ABK 11 órája
Juan Pablo Guzmán González
The title coudl've been: Lewis Hamilton and a couple of other guys blow some tires.
Dama Ito
Dama Ito 11 órája
Rumour says they played dejavu on the team radio 1:04
Gib Melson
Gib Melson 11 órája
was schreien denn die kommentatoren so ? wir sehen ja was passiert. das geschrei ist schrecklich, schaue ich nicht weiter und schlechte bewertung. wenn wir irgendwas einkaufen, geht ein teil des geldes an die typen, die abermillionen. verbrennen.
KJ Kiefcakes
KJ Kiefcakes 11 órája
Wait i want to hear about this soup lewis used to get
Gordon Shomway
Gordon Shomway 11 órája
Quinn Donaldson
Quinn Donaldson 12 órája
rest in peace Anthoine. he was there helping Charles. he knew the risk of the sport and spent every second pushing the limit. always a lap ahead, Anthoine
Wagner Lavoratto
Wagner Lavoratto 12 órája
Pure Sound! I love this!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Turismo em Salvador com Jonatas
jet lee russell
jet lee russell 12 órája
gio is first wow man that actually made me quitehappy
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock 12 órája
He left a half a tenth in the first corner.
Metal0rDie 12 órája
At the least Charlie is not in this sport anymore. He gone away by the bad way, but sports does not tolerate politics. This behavior of the race director is a shame for the FIA ​​and Formula 1 Rest in peace Charilie, but formula 1 suffered with you.
Rahul S.
Rahul S. 12 órája
Super softs and ultra softs .. the tyre choices.
axis Villena
axis Villena 12 órája
We Never Forget: Jules Bianchi
Victoria Miranda
Victoria Miranda 12 órája
la mejor parte del video es kimi sonriendo. the best part of the video it's kimi smiling;D
Sean H
Sean H 12 órája
It's great to see Juan Manuel Correa back. I wish him the best
To be fair, Russel will probably win in mercedes in the future, however checo will possibly will not something that is very sad because checo is so underrated, Im glad Perez won this one.
Tio Martis
Tio Martis 12 órája
Kimi has brought unprofessional to the next level.
Blue Flags
Blue Flags 12 órája
His race engineer sounded so calm giving the situation
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock 12 órája
How can anybody dislike Lewis? Unless you hate people that win
Skroot 12 órája
Alternative title: "Valterri, it's james" battles
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock 12 órája
Has anyone watched Lewis in his carting days? Look closely. His driving is almost created by a machine. That is what he has always done. That's why he will get 8
Humza 12 órája
5:30 Leclerc?
Evan Brown
Evan Brown 12 órája
This is the perfect example of how terrible a track it is to race on. when that is what it takes to even attempt a pass.
Nico hulkenberg is trash he crashed haha
Alexis M. Oyarzo
Alexis M. Oyarzo 12 órája
*Mazepin crash with the microphone*
Sjoerd Eggenkamp
Sjoerd Eggenkamp 12 órája
I think max is outperforming lewis. Max beat lewis to the first corner twice. Max only made small errors where lewis made a couple of much bigger ones. Lewis is ahead because he got lucky, he has a better wingman and the benz is much faster on the straits.
sik59rt 13 órája
Nikita managed to crash the ball
TheNick34752 13 órája
Still cannot believe what happened to Bianchi. It still hurts. What an amazing driver he was...
Andy Vasquez
Andy Vasquez 13 órája
Yeah th last French winner they say here comes peire gassy in 2020 in the Italian grade pre lol
AURktman 13 órája
Third race in Indycar and he gets a pole position and gets 2nd place after leading over half the race. I don’t think anyone can say he doesn’t have talent.
CMBR Galaxy
CMBR Galaxy 13 órája
Not Schumacher I mean Mazpin
Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin 13 órája
When f1 was actually fun to watch
Caius Keys
Caius Keys 13 órája
Michael's moves were from Mein Kampf, and Finns know how to deal with those -- sisu.
La Caja Del Cereal
La Caja Del Cereal 13 órája
this video is the opposite of clikcbait