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Peeetrsn CZ
Peeetrsn CZ 20 órája
Gasly faster than Albon, again....
Shanezclashin 20 órája
Alexandre Salau
Alexandre Salau 20 órája
Well well well ... now we have discord chat during races and they are playing Among Us. Let the games begin.
Captain_ Nesquik
Captain_ Nesquik 20 órája
HAT TRICK FOR BOTTAS !!!! I think Hamilton can be defeated only on the races that he never drive
xox AZ
xox AZ 20 órája
Bottas always fastest on practise...but as we all know during the quali Hamilton
Carlos Báez
Carlos Báez 20 órája
Aditya Vora
Aditya Vora 20 órája
Just imagine going down the hill at 300km/hr that feeling 😍
Simon Tollis
Simon Tollis 20 órája
So great to see Gasly between the 2 red bulls Albon 😬
RacingWorld 20 órája
I have some Flat spot it can give me some uncomfortable driving next two laps. Engeieer, no problem, we change your tires set and there is no problem just 2000$ throw out :D. Me: Can someone become my sponsor? I need this 2000$ :D
fabi r
fabi r 20 órája
Success for Ferrari...the car has actually enough downforce to lift an manhole cover...
Veddy Teddy
Veddy Teddy 21 órája
Come on Ferrari, I believe in you!!!!!!!!
RunaLUNA 21 órája
We know what'll happen for quali and race. Hamilton: "Valtteri, James said it's my turn on the top."
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 21 órája
Notice how Max's face almost twitched a smile when Jos's car caught fire 😂
Simon Tollis
Simon Tollis 21 órája
And Bottas wins the FP championship !!
adith. m.f
adith. m.f 21 órája
man charles using the game chat
BigFire 21 órája
Meanwhile they're trying to fix the surface of the track.
Soham Belge
Soham Belge 21 órája
Bottas is getting serious
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones 21 órája
Shatrunjay 21 órája
Coming here from the 2020 Portuguese GP
vbevula 21 órája
You are hearing Hamilton because Ferarri is listening to them rather than focus on you mate.
SneakyGaming 21 órája
Not a surprise Bottas got the best time
Stefan 5a 8 8
Stefan 5a 8 8 21 órája
69 points till ham and bot are the smae points lol
Scott Summers
Scott Summers 21 órája
The SF 1000 is now a torture device.
Prodromos Tsinaslanidis
Charles it's James
random guy
random guy 21 órája
Ah yes.. that bottas guy, flexing his fastest lap on practice i see
Gonçalo Valoroso Coelho
Really hope they don't dare to put perez on Russel's spot
John Martirez
John Martirez 21 órája
Friday: "Well done Bottas" Saturday: "That's pole AGAIN Valtteri" Sunday: "Get in there Lewis"
HOW REAL 21 órája
slow button slow button
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts 21 órája
Lol so not only is Hamilton winning every race he's also on everyone's radio
Wiranta 21 órája
Don't be alarmed, hijacking Mercedes' radio is part of Ferrari's Master🅱️lan.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 21 órája
3 sesja treningowa
Sam B
Sam B 21 órája
Anyone else here during the Portimao drain cover delay??
Adrian Untalan
Adrian Untalan 21 órája
Malfunctioning radio?... Kinda sus
BurningDrake39 21 órája
how weird would it be if Verstappen qualifies 1st?
jackywng123 21 órája
Lec should have asked the Merc engineer for improving the car
Kunal Patil
Kunal Patil 21 órája
For normal people Red bull is red bull For piere Alfa tauri is red bull
Dani 21 órája
Anyone else here while waiting for the useless idiots try to fix the track with cement ? I can tell you that won't dry fast enough to drive on it today. A little hairdryer won't make a difference. Maybe if we are lucky they use some kind of super concrete which I don't know of but I would really like to know what that is.. The concrete I work with, even with maximum amount of accelerator takes 3-4 hours before you can even walk on it carefully.. Lets hope I am completely wrong. I wouldn't mind in this case ;-)
Gerwin Toonen
Gerwin Toonen 21 órája
Is it just like the Eiffel GP possible to watch live on HUrun 😇
Asriel Dreemurr!
Asriel Dreemurr! 21 órája
Dave McKeegan
Dave McKeegan 21 órája
Bottas fastest in P1, P2, P3 ... if he gets pole as well there will be some Merc engineers trying to decide which part is going to "break" tomorrow
Farty cj
Farty cj 21 órája
Leclerc doing race engineer both for Raikkonen and Hamilton now. What a pro
eitra without a dad
whos here after quali just got delayed smh
Mathieu 21 órája
Don't do this Bottas. Don't give me hope 😢
retard alert
retard alert 21 órája
Valterri Bottas flexing speed before Hamilton starts trying
Just Kago Official
Just Kago Official 21 órája
Man United need to buy Bottas 🤣
ashort01 21 órája
So they went to the effort of getting Daniel Ricciardo to narrate a fast lap, didn't prep him on it - at all - and used a potato quality video? Well done...
Hoosier_ RC
Hoosier_ RC 21 órája
It’s a drivers track.. that’s why you see Kimi so high on the board
Brooksie 21 órája
I want whatever Latifi had before the interview.
Dr. Harsh
Dr. Harsh 21 órája
nice to see alpha tauri doing well again.
Manuel Rodrigues
Manuel Rodrigues 21 órája
Please allow this circuit to be in the calendar in future championships!!!
when will they learn with drain covers, get them welded down
Raghunandan Reddy C
Whats happening what's happening. I hear Hamilton complaining about tires on my radio.
Slobbery 21 órája
Another monza is going to happen this weekend i can just sense it turn 14 will be a mess
Burak BULA
Burak BULA 21 órája
Vettel broke the track? hahahaha. I saw the first time a track broke. What a great circuit!
Devin Choi
Devin Choi 21 órája
Knowing Mercedes they won't let Bottas fighting for a title.👎 All that matters for them is Hamilton getting a 7th title who cares there about Bottas.🤷🏻‍♂️ I guess till Hamilton is at Mercedes Bottas won't have a chance since they're holding him back.
alfreed__lfc 21 órája
I Hope to see tomorrow verstappen wins😍
argh666 21 órája
Mercedes 1-2 just like every other race... Boring!
Maxim555King 21 órája
Who here when quali delay?
A Bloke with a name
Here watching the FP3 highlights whilst waiting for the lads to fix the drain cover that's delaying Quali.
Moskito159 21 órája
Charles this is James
Jack Barrett
Jack Barrett 21 órája
Perez replacing Russell? I would think Latifi would most likely be shown the door as Russell has shown some great pace over the last couple years
Tristan James Agsaulio
Guys vallteri will be on pole
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock 21 órája
That's what a racer wants to hear. "Punish your tires"
Johann Sebastian Garcia
Blue Prince
Blue Prince 21 órája
Leglerc: I can hear Hamilton in the Radio! Ferrari: Its our plan C. Leglerc: What's plan C? Ferrari: Cheat and call FIA for Confidential Agreement.🤧
IzaDelight89 21 órája
I never got to watch Senna race. I was 2 months from birth, still in my mum's tummy. My mum, a São Paulo native and dedicated F1 fan, fell back in her chair when he crashed and screamed that he died. She felt it. Her tears couldn't stop flowing. She was so grief stricken, that now 26 years later, it still haunts her. Today, she can't bring herself to do it. May 4, 1994 was the last time she ever watched Formula 1.
Miguel Fernandes
Miguel Fernandes 21 órája
Someone Portuguese here?
AiZaT_WorLD 5858
AiZaT_WorLD 5858 21 órája
FP1 bottas fastest FP2 bottas fastest FP3 bottas fastest Q1 Q2 Q3 : Merc 1-2 Race day : Bottas DNF then Hamilton win it Savage.....😅😅😅😅
Dynasty2201 21 órája
Hamilton P1 quali, Hamilton win. Zzz.
Google Uwo
Google Uwo 21 órája
Are they using discord, why he can heard hamilton 😂😂😂
_tamtan_ 21 órája
Portuguese is amazing!!!
Kinubi King
Kinubi King 21 órája
Ferrari hacking Mercedes ...... End up confusing their driver
Kuzia Trahibidadido
Here goes Ham on pole
Brem 21 órája
If they gave points for practice, Bottas would already be champion...
Jazmi Hamizan
Jazmi Hamizan 21 órája
Hamilton: "so when should i turn off slow button?" Leclerc: "guys I'm hearing Hamilton, he says that his slow button is still on" Ferrari: "okay slow button on, slow button on. We'll overtake them with slow button"
Mong 21 órája
ferrari new strategy
sebi6699 21 órája
Hulkenberg in pls