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Paulino Monroy
Paulino Monroy 22 órája
Grande Checo.
Alirio Ruediger
Alirio Ruediger 22 órája
Mika Hakkinen was brilliant two Times world Champion, he was unbelieveble!!
K H 22 órája
Is it intended? Or braking mistake?
Abc123 22 órája
3:25 ever played contact race in gta?
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 22 órája
Langley Dolphin
Langley Dolphin 22 órája
Ayrton laped every one. And won every one else was a lap back It was raining on and off . You just have to see this 2minute and that tells you all you need to know about senna
Paulo Pereira
Paulo Pereira 22 órája
Cristiano Eletrefor
Andrew Byrne
Andrew Byrne 22 órája
Daniel Mumford
Daniel Mumford 22 órája
12:10 BONO
Spin Meister
Spin Meister 22 órája
Where’s my top ten moments of pastor Maldonado brilliance because Perez has got one win which surely means that Maldonado should get one
Castro Gamer
Castro Gamer 22 órája
estou vendo esse vídeo só por causa do OTÁVIO MESQUITA kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
D. R.
D. R. 22 órája
I'm surprised there are no V10 era cars!
Liam Neish
Liam Neish 22 órája
Only time you see Kimi laugh is when Antonio is terrified for his life 😂
Ariel Melgarejo
Ariel Melgarejo 22 órája
Que buen piloto sres esta para grandes cosas todo el. Éxito del mundo para el orgulloso de El nts los latinos 🙌
NorthernZeus 22 órája
F1... Black flagged for minor breaches of one of the million regulations. Classic European racing. Rules over competition. Manors over winning,
Alp C
Alp C 23 órája
Vettel's engineer(Perez's former engineer) sounded very disappointed
Yasmin Carli
Yasmin Carli 23 órája
This put a smile in my face.
Jamie Moynihan
Jamie Moynihan 23 órája
This just shows Alex albons talent,lack there of
Aj decosta
Aj decosta 23 órája
and this is why i think prime vettel is better than prime hamilton
Eliav Stafler
Eliav Stafler 23 órája
Where is him crashing with Riccardo at Baku
George TDL
George TDL 23 órája
Fun fact: Leclerc's lap with the back off at the end was still 2 seconds faster than Kubica's time
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes
Senna is a legend
Justin Smirthwaite
Justin Smirthwaite 23 órája
Typical ferrari fashion having to cheat to win! Same as there fuel gate scandal! Any other team would have had there findings made public of how they were cheating! But not ferrari too many people in high places at the head of F1. I had the utmost respect fort jean todt and the master ross brawn brilliant minds. I guess ferrari got to them$$$$ lol
Dhar Maitri
Dhar Maitri 23 órája
Not surprised that something narrated in English would leave Checo's amazing emotional win in 9th place. Europeans are INCREDIBLY RACIST.
Dhar Maitri
Dhar Maitri 23 órája
My favorite one: Checo Pérez'
Joanna 23 órája
Izzie Hardy
Izzie Hardy 23 órája
“Kimi’s here... massive help”😭😭
excellent youboober
Isn't the narrator the dude from Netflix F1 show?
Stuka Blyat
Stuka Blyat 23 órája
GLENN Speirs
GLENN Speirs 23 órája
He said he had an out of body experience driving round Monaco in his documentary
carl easton
carl easton 23 órája
Fast,,,yes. Fast car ,,,totally. All down to the mechanics , Lewis just takes credit for it. He's nothing fantastic compared to Prost , Mansell or Senna
Bonda Games
Bonda Games 23 órája
Webber is so dumb
A D 23 órája
How much better looking were cars back then...I hate this circle for safety that they have now, it looks bad while watching onboard.
Diogo Barbosa
Diogo Barbosa 23 órája
if think he need some glasses
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 23 órája
Such an underrated driver,at a point where everyone likes him when lost his seat...and meanwhile i supported him and Perez for a decade in the midfield
Toby Cripps
Toby Cripps 23 órája
This is why Schumacher can’t be considered the goat for me, plenty of occasions where he’s done stuff like this to maintain position or win a race.
Ed Smith
Ed Smith 23 órája
I really don’t think Senna was as great as everyone made out.
AMJITH MA 23 órája
Bottas spinning in sympathy 😂
FixxxeR208 23 órája
The no.1 highlight was definitely Kimi. This channel has truly no sense of humor whatsoever.
Justchaz 23 órája
Hamilton has been mugging Verstappen since 2019 Monaco, with the same lure lol. I think he's got Verstappen like he had Alonso and Vettel, psychologically first. Can we see all the times they've come close before?
Vlad Fifty-Two
Vlad Fifty-Two 23 órája
She’s obviously over selling it. Man she’s annoying beyond tolerance.
ToxaKastela 23 órája
The Bottas before Bottas
Black Clouds
Black Clouds 23 órája
Schumacher's Geste am Ende -> einfach nur köstlich -> hoffe schumi geht es gut -> we miss u
Jewbro Afrodude
Jewbro Afrodude 23 órája
Why does Lewis act gangsta now?
Henry Jackson
Latifi should drive without a helmet, that chin would reduce some serious drag
Nine Napja
Can't wait for the 2022 season
Ole Hofmann
Pérez steering wheel looks like he's playing on a controller 😂🎮
tobias03 Coimbra
Well now we all know that bottas wasn't lying about the sauna
Super Max, Red Bull and Honda Power 🔝❤🏁🏎
просто человек
Шумахер супер!!!
Kronik_97 Napja
gianncarlo bagheti is the most italian name ive ever heard
Jensi Oquendo
The living are not done with you yet, Chadwick. We won't be done, until we choose to open ourselves to anyone and everyone.
Matias Carvajal
Now: none
Damjan Stevanovic
Much of Mercedes’ success has coincided with that of mercurial driver Lewis Hamilton. In terms of race wins, he is by far the most successful member to have donned the Silver Arrows overalls. It is, therefore, surprising that when asked about their favourite driver, the engineering staff at the team did not take the name of the 36-year-old. The Brackley Brothers - Andrew Shovlin, James Vowles, Ron Meadows, and Simon Cole - were present on F1’s podcast called Beyond the Grid. They have had a long haul at the team, having been present since it was BAR, then Honda, then Brawn GP, and finally, Mercedes. For them, German legend Michael Schumacher is the best driver they have worked with. “Michael Schumacher, but mainly because I was in the awe of him before he arrived and when he left the team, I was even more in the awe of him just because of how he behaved and treated all the team members,” said Ron Meadows. “Is Lewis listening? Does he listen to your podcast?” Simon Cole asked with a little chuckle. “I would say Michael Schumacher, not just because it’s sort of the common theme, but because he was genuinely impressive when we worked with him.” Chief strategist Vowles had a similar opinion. He spoke about how Schumacher completely changed his initial perception of him. “I would go with Michael because I had a perception that was entirely wrong of him before he joined,” he said. “I thought he was arrogant, I thought he was cold because that’s the impression you got. It took me just minutes before I realized that’s not true. “And his greatness really shone in that period where we were with him and we learned a lot from him.” It is tough to leave out Jenson Button as far as engineer Shovlin is concerned. They duo formed an impressive partnership that saw Button win the world championship in 2009. For Shovlin, it was tough to look beyond Button. “I can’t leave Jenson out, can I? I saw, as an engineer, I was learning on-the-job very much with him and just a lot of happy memories and funny moments.”
Ltb Napja
Max: FIA
DC Napja
Rosberg was ruthless in his winning year, he cheated a lot and got away with it, only way to beat Hamilton though
Megan Connor
The annoying horn identically license because judge surely drop beyond a deeply medicine. pretty, slimy mall
Sizwe_ Nxumalo
Top 10 times Sebastian Vettel crashed on his own
Marc Huijssen
Just to much Hamilton
Derek Napja
Roll bears
Derek Napja
Roll bears
Pekka L
Pekka L Napja
Repikää siitä! Prgl.
Tony maina
Tony maina Napja
Seba Pro
Seba Pro Napja
Best of the best ;)
Roland Pijnen
"Then you know you're deadline." 💀 4:40
Sah TotheHill
F1 be like: Image Stabilization? Never heard of it...
Jensi Oquendo