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Dathieflord 6 órája
So pumped for this.
AdrielBGaming 6 órája
1:35 When you stub your toe at church.
AlexPlays 6 órája
This video only made me feel sad for Hulk, aswell for all those drivers
Aida Đulović
Aida Đulović 6 órája
Romain 💜 gonna miss him soo much, Phoenix 💜
Daniel Max
Daniel Max 6 órája
It should have the 10 worst drivers of all time
KTRjohansendk 6 órája
Am i the only one getting Battlefield 1 Operations vibes from the voiceover
aydan khaliq
aydan khaliq 6 órája
J D 6 órája
Am I the only one who thinks Heidfeld was underrated?
Ankush sharma
Ankush sharma 6 órája
Last one is epic 😂😂😂
Jacob_panda 6 órája
Jack Parry
Jack Parry 6 órája
FINALLY tom pryce getting the recognition he deserves
fiucik1 6 órája
10:23 wow! What circuit is that?
itzz_martintomac 69
Why didnt you put Hulkenberg ?!?!?!?😞😞😞🤣
Does anyone know the song?
SIXITHS 6 órája
6:20 - No mention of Valencia 2012 when his alternator failed and cost Grosjean a probable race win?
Impulse Gaming
Impulse Gaming 6 órája
I’m so happy for pierre
Jack-D Ripper
Jack-D Ripper 6 órája
Well done Checo! Richly deserved. I know that you will make the best of the situation and help Red Bull win the Constructor's Championship.
Raditya Pramana Putra
Who is here after Jenson Button return to Williams Racing Formula One Team as a senior advisor?! 23/01/2021 01:18.
Tobias 6 órája
Nobody: F1 lady: AErton senna
Natalie Pattinson
Stefan Johansson.
Elliott I'Anson
Elliott I'Anson 6 órája
AeAErton Senna
Fxrd 6 órája
Such a great driver with a great comeback story! From losing his seat and his closest friend to his podium in Brazil, then to complete the redemption in Monza 12 years after Seb got his 1st win with the same team was absolutely REMARKABLE!!
Ben Kuyt
Ben Kuyt 6 órája
Romain Grosjean had race wins stolen by Kimi. We love Kimi, but he should've given some to Romain.
Nobilt 6 órája
7:12 *PAIN*
Adel 6 órája
I think Sato deserved a spot. Sainz would deserve one too but I think he doesn't qualify as his career is still ongoing
Maxi F
Maxi F 6 órája
Gro & Quick Nick should be a race winner competiton Suzuka & Montréal but Also Hulk had the talent to reach a win in the 2012 Brasil race but lost it in turn 1 hit H44 & finish 4 to what had might been a podium The racers who been die in their might winning season will ever been in our heart
Adel 6 órája
It's crazy that Alesi was almost on this list. He really messed up by following his heart instead of his brain by deciding to go for Ferrari instead of Williams.
Josh Flewers
Josh Flewers 6 órája
I’m glad Tom got a mention the only Welsh f1 driver
Hobson McMaster
Hobson McMaster 6 órája
prime ro gro was awesome
Hobson McMaster
Hobson McMaster 6 órája
where is rosset
Rainer Zufall
Rainer Zufall 6 órája
Beloff is number one.
Hai 6 órája
Call me a prophet, in ten years from now on they will make a top worst racing driver list that would have Mazepin on top lol
Guilherme Mattos
Guilherme Mattos 6 órája
Brazilians do NOT speak Spanish. Please: Jose Pace, not Hose Pace.
myself 6 órája
Luca Badoer
Emilio Mendoza
Emilio Mendoza 6 órája
When does the third season of "drive to suvive" come out?
Simon Beck
Simon Beck 6 órája
Stefan Bellof looks like Austin powers
Irene Garcia Arquero
0:03 It's a decent start from Sebastian Vettel
tedson braga
tedson braga 6 órája
This is The real super champion Schumacher ... a great driver... but, a small man in his Life.
Kal 6 órája
Javando Racing
Javando Racing 6 órája
There is an karting track in germany which is called after Stefan Bellof. It is a really nice track. It's in Oppenrod
Gabriel 6 órája
Ivan capelli
Miguel Caroço Rodrigues
Amazing drivers and team!!!! Congratulations 💪💪💪💪
DylanSprint 350
DylanSprint 350 6 órája
Checo was dangerously close to being called in this video
Daniel Cannon
Daniel Cannon 7 órája
Nah nah nah, you don't pronounce it A-airton senna, you pronounce it Airton senna
UltraAmzzz Gaming
Nick Heidfeld really was awesome in his prime days! Shame he never raced in a top team despite beating kimi back in sauber. still, he achieved many achievements and remain as the only driver to get both podiums in F1 and FE as of now💪🏻
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes 7 órája
The dreary lake locally tug because bandana hemperly race to a sleepy india. obscene, delicious stamp
I Own YOU!
I Own YOU! 7 órája
Oh so Max is not the only great driver who would never win a championship.
Guys don't search tom pryce accident
Rivlet 7 órája
Víctor, ¿este lo has editado tú? ;)
taytay 7 órája
Excuse me where's Hulk?
Fnööf _
Fnööf _ 7 órája
I dont quite think that Lewis was the winner of that Canadian GP
Javi 7 órája
Where is Nico Hulkenberg??
Where is huulkennnburrrg??
Rubrub_gd 7 órája
Grossjean retire from f1?
N Fernandes
N Fernandes 7 órája
There ain't no "HOSÈ" in Brazilian's name book.
Jenson Sims
Jenson Sims 7 órája
Fun fact: Tom Pryce is the only Welshman to ever compete in Formula one
Jonas Winczy
Jonas Winczy 7 órája
Where is Nico ? 😔
Sunny M
Sunny M 7 órája
Didn't know Martin and Heidfeld would feature here!!!
Alexander Bondarchyk
Forza Checo, keep fighting..
Sunny M
Sunny M 7 órája
You need to do another video with the title "most race finishes without a podium"
Xanda Foolheea
Xanda Foolheea 7 órája
i couldnt care less what happened in 1960
Luca C
Luca C 7 órája
Strange, did not talk about Andrea De Cesaris
Zombie George
Zombie George 7 órája
I'll save you the trouble: He was up front when others weren't. The grace and style of running a mediocre race and being in the right place at the right time.
Ferrari's Masterplan
The most unpredictable podium
Felipe Oliveira
Felipe Oliveira 7 órája
Alonso in Alpine: Now we can fight.
Bean Ice
Bean Ice 7 órája
Grosjean won more than a Grand Prix in Bahrain.
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 7 órája
Epic race that was!
Who's That Gamer
Who's That Gamer 7 órája
vergoncio 7 órája
This race was Epic, gasly drove like a champion. Congrats to him
Tom Pryce is one of the most underrated and talented drivers of all time
Rana 12.
Rana 12. 7 órája
mattiik 7 órája
Bellof #9!?!?!?!?
alectricz 7 órája
Hulkenberg needs to be in the Top 10 aswell!
Max Martinez
Max Martinez 7 órája
Checo! Bro! I believe you can win many gp, por seguro veremos lo mejor de ti
Valerie 7 órája
Hữu Đăng Khoa Nguyễn
*Hulkenberg has left the chat
zexn 7 órája
5:05 ahegao be like:
Adel 7 órája
Why should we care about them?
MitsuZer0G 7 órája
Nico Hülkenberg: am I a joke to you?